What Can a Fashion Business Consultant do for you?

pexels-photo-1056556.jpegMy dear fashion creatives,

You my be wondering, “Why on earth do I need a business consultant?”

Well, allow me to explain by way of asking questions.

Do you understand your business financials? Do you understand the business implications of your financial statements? Do you even know how to do basic accounting or generate financial statements for your business?

Do you know how to present these financials to an investor or other agency to get money?

Do you know how much money you make overall, how much you spend and what you get to keep?

Do you understand how this impacts your business decisions?

Do you understand how your day-to day operations may be affecting the productivity of your business and your profits? Is your business model the right one for you?

Have you made a plan for the future of your business? How are you going to lead/manage growth? What’s your strategy for it?

You may need help with a special project, where do you find good talent ?

How do you go about  expanding and engaging in international business? Have you ever sourced materials or production overseas?


If any of these questions are scaring you or sending you into a panic, that’s GOOD.

For any business to succeed you need a plan and you need a strategy for executing it.

And that’s exactly what my job is. I do the work of managing the business while you get to do what you do best…applied creativity.

Basically I’m your very own chief operations officer and I work very closely with you to determine where there are shortfalls and how we can improve your business so that you can improve your condition and make a profit.

Util next time!