Showcasing your creative product: Five ways to do it

My dear creatives,

I hope my last post on why time fashion shows are a waste of time didn’t completely kill your spirit.

The good news is; this post is definitely going to be more positive!

So, if it’s not advisable to invest in producing for a huge event from the start, then what?

Fortunately, in this age of digital media, there are many additional, new ways to attract attention and showcase your creative product.You don’t have to break the bank to get noticed.

I’ll outline several below:

  1. Trunk show

This only requires that you have product on hand. No need for models, makeup artists and the like. You don’t need to have it at a fancy location. If you have a studio, atelier or shop, these locations can work just fine. Use this opportunity to employ consumer analytics; it’s important that you capture customer information and feedback on your product. This way you are easily able to adapt to meet customers’ needs.

Advertisement for Blue Basin Stores‘ Trunk Show
The Lush Kingdom Trunk Show at Blue Basin Stores. Photography: James Hackett
The Lush Kingdom Trunk Show at Blue Basin Stores. Photography: James Hackett
The Lush Kingdom Trunk Show at Blue Basin Stores. Photography: James Hackett
The Lush Kingdom Trunk Show at Blue Basin Stores. Photography: James Hackett
  1. Pop up shop/Sip n Shop

This is usually done in conjunction with another brand. Oftentimes, the emerging business would partner with an already established business. These range from fashion and lifestyle brands to alcohol and home furnishings. It is important to note that when looking for a partner brand, it must be one that is complementary. Both brands should be a good fit for each other.

The Fashion Arch Easter Pop up
Easter Pop up hosted by The Fashion Arch at 51 degrees lounge, Trinidad


  1. Markets and fairs

Craft and special occasion markets and fairs are a good way to engage with customers directly and again capture information as to the kind of audience your product attracts. The rental price for a booth or table is usually fairly reasonable. Be sure to look for a prominent location, with lots of foot traffic. You should also use this opportunity to creatively display your products and ensure that all your branding and marketing materials are cohesive.

immortelle beauty at Deftmart
Immortelle Beauty setup at Deftmart
  1. Virtual showcase via Social Media

You can have a virtual fashion show or product demo using one of the many social media platforms. Instagram seems to be the platform of choice especially for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. (sign up to J Bannister Branding‘s email list for some great information on Instagram features) You can either use the ‘live’ feature to do a live show or you can do a simple studio or home based shoot and roll out the products one by one via Instagram highlights or through your feed with the appropriate commentary and hashtags.

pulchritude designs
Pulchritude designs by SM- follow their story on Instagram
  1. Influencer reviews

You can reach out to a few well known influencers and have them test and review your product(s). Their reach, engagement and well…influence can definitely help you build your own following and brand awareness.

Nelly B reviweing Caribbean Queen cosmetics buccoo reef palette
Beauty and lifestyle blogger, Nelly B reviewing the Buccoo Reef palette by Caribbean Queen Cosmetics. Photography: Nelly B.

In order for any of this to work, you should also remember the following.

  • You must create a quality product.
  • You should craft a story and a lifestyle around your product. Your language, images and set up should all reflect that same story. Customers want to feel emotionally invested in your product; immersion is the best way to experience it.
  • Continue building your following. Creating customer loyalty is the best way to drive sales.

I do hope this has been enlightening and has gotten you thinking about creative ways to can attract attention with the opportunities available to you.

Until next time,



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