Imagine if you had structure and systems in place and a team that does the heavy lifting for you so that you could focus on what bring your pure, unadulterated JOY.

You know what I’m talking about

..the parts of your business that ignite your soul, the things you most look forward to; whether that’s being able to focus on your 1:1 clients, spend time with your family and friends, jet off for a week at some exotic location, take time off to care for a loved one, create new and exciting content, or pursue other opportunities outside of you’re business like you’ve always wanted to.

here's how we can help

We both know it’s impossible to manage it all by yourself. That’s why work with you to put systems in place that allow you the time and space to focus on the bigger picture for your business. What we do, is help you map out and manage your content and email marketing, so that you can focus on the other parts of your business that really light you up.

Our Packages

There are several options for working together, depending on the level of support you need.
Create email campaigns that not only engage your community but sell.

During this 2 hour intensive, we’ll create your content to customer roadmap outlining the exact content that you’ll need to call in your ideal audience, get them raising their hands and saying hell yeah and the Calls to action to get them to make a buying decision. 

You’ll walk away with your very own roadmap outlining exactly how you fill your audience with ideal folks who are curious about what you do, and who then become invested in your products and services and become your most loyal customers. 

Investment $1000 USD

If you want to know how to grow an engaged (and lucrative!) email list from your
👉🏾 Speaking engagements
👉🏾 Podcast
👉🏾 Podcast appearances
👉🏾 PR
👉🏾 Pinterest
👉🏾 Social media
👉🏾 Conferences
👉🏾 Blogs
👉🏾 Ads
👉🏾 Website
Then my 30 day Marketing ecosystem intensive is for you.
Here’s what will happen during our time together:
✅️ We’ll identify which marketing activities and platforms you need to double down on.
✅️ We’ll develop a list building strategy and map out your content to customer roadmap. This includes content curation strategy, platform specific list building calls to action, hand raising questions, customer filtration and segmentation and customer retention strategies.
✅️ Identify key metrics and KPIs you need to track to hit your reach, impact and revenue goals.
✅️ And I’ll create a project plan so that you can *actually* make it happen.
One client who did this intensive with me identified over 25K in MONTHLY revenue she was missing out on because she wasn’t using her email marketing strategically.
So if you’re ready to make email marketing the reach and revenue generating engine it can be for your business, let’s have a chat to see if this intensive is right for you.
Investment: $5000 USD
Payment plan available.

I only accept 2 clients per month for this service. 
If you’re looking for done for you support with your email marketing, then my Email Marketing Overhaul quarterly retainer could be a good fit for you.
The Email Marketing Overhaul retainer addresses 4 key areas of email marketing 👇🏾
1. Content Curation: Knowing what content to present to customers at the different stages of the buyer’s journey to connect, influence and ultimately help them make a buying decision.
2. Consistent communication: We write your newsletters and sales campaigns so you don’t have to. We make sure you stay top of mind; one more thing off your to do list and one less thing for you to worry about.
3. Time: We deploy, test, tweak, track and refine various campaigns so that we can identify and double down on what works for you. Instead of being in the weeds of email campaigns, you get to focus other things that bring you joy.
4. Tech: We make sure your tech foundation is solid- emails land in the inbox, automations are set up and running, campaigns are scheduled and buyer behaviour is tracked so that sales can be secured; we put all the tech pices together for a seamless content to customer journey.
So, if you’ve got an
✅️ Engaged following
✅️ Are an independent brand or business making 250k+ a year
✅️ Selling a tangible product or service
✅️ Are ready to double down on email marketing

Let’s have a no pressure chat about whether Email Marketing Overhaul is the right fit for you.

Investment: USD $9,000 per quarter. or USD $3,000 per month.

Platforms we're familiar with

Apply to Work With Us

We only work with a handful of clients at a time, so we find that it’s best that you complete an application form and book a chat with us to make sure that we’re a good fit for each other.  During that time, you can tell me more about your business and I’ll answer any questions that you may have. This is not an opportunity to call for free advice. It’s designed to find out what your needs are and provide you with more information about our services.

If you’re ready to run your business in a way that’s fun, fulfilling and leaves you feeling at ease, then click the button below and schedule a chat with us.