Marketing Strategist

I'm in the business of helping clients work smarter, not harder.

You’ve spent all this time growing a thriving business. You’ve created kickass content, you’ve got an engaged audience, but yet you still feel like you have to do the most with your marketing in order to generate the revenue you need to further your mission.

Here's where we come in

We design email marketing campaigns in a way that keep your relationships at the heart of all you do- and make good money while you're at it. You tell us your vision and we'll work with you to develop the strategy and the plan to make it a reality.

Our services

Let us help you make the most of your content by making email marketing the heart of your communication and the revenue-generating engine you know it can be.

Content to Customer Roadmap

Get a personalized roadmap that outlines how your ideal clients can move from curious onlookers to invested buyers.

The Marketing Ecosystem Intensive

In 30 days, we'll build out your unique email marketing ecosystem. During our time together, we'll identify the activities, content, customer roadmap and metrics to make email marketing the revenue generating engine it can be for your business.

Email Marketing Overhaul

Done for you email marketing support on overdrive. Get your copy, campaigns and email automations and tech handled, so that you can focus on doing all the other joyful shit you love to do.

Client testimonials

“Not sure what to do for your next launch? Feeling overwhelmed with everything? Renee Serrant-Layne is the person you need in your life and the intensive is worth so much, but mostly the confidence that you can walk through the whole process with purpose and energy. Run and grab this amazing experience today so that you can walk through the launch process with a ton of swagger!”
Jennifer Major
Speaker, Coach and Organising expert
"Working with Renée has been absolutely monumental for my business!! I hired her when I first transitioned to Kajabi and without her support, my launches would not have been as successful as they were and I would have had way too much to not only do, but to learn!! I’ve hired her for multiple projects and launches now and will continue to do so as I adore her and the way she works goes really well with my Capricorn “get it done” nature. She is amazing and I’m super grateful for her support. Thank you endlessly Renée!"
Larisa Gosla
Musician and Vocal Coach

Let's talk about your next campaign

Whether you want to launch a new product or service, or you’re looking to create seasonal or evergreen campaigns, we’ve got you covered.

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