How Can I tell If a Customer is Interested or Not?

Your customer or potential customer can tell you a lot about themselves by their behaviour.

How do we know if a customer is interested in what we have to offer? How do we know who’s almost ready to buy?

Through Tagging, tracking and lead scoring.

What is tagging? What is lead scoring What on earth are automations?

Don’t worry, I’ll explain all of that!

In the video I give you the details on how you can track customer behaviour and activities using these techniques.

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So back to today’s topic.

Tagging is applying a label to specific customer behaviour.
You can tag things like purchases, link clicks, unsubscribes, email opens, downloads, any number of things. This helps you to track the customer activity through your funnel and measure how engaged they are.
Which brings us to lead scoring. This is a value/ number you apply to certain activities or behaviours your contact engages in. The the higher the number, the more likely the person is to convert from just a mere prospect or follower into a buyer.
What does that mean to you?
It means you can send that person specific offers to help convert them.
There might be some small thing holding them back from making the purchase and you can send them something that will tip the scales in your favour.
And this brings us to automations.
In your CRM or marketing platform, you can set up automations. This is an action or or a series of actions that happen automatically, once the customer engages in the specific behaviour that yu set up to track.
Let me give a more concrete example, if they make a purchase to your membership, once the purchase is made, you can apply a tag and then automatically send them the login details. If they no longer wanted to be a part of that membership, you could also set up an automation that will automatically apply a tag and revoke their access to that membership.
So why is all this important?
it tells you who is really interested in your products and services so you don’t waste time pursuing the wrong people. It also helps reduce your workload because there are many activities that you no longer have to process manually (case in point, revoking access to a membership when a someone has cancelled.)
Previously, you had to spend a lot of time calling people in person, you’d have to spend hours maybe pitching people before you got the right one. With tagging and lead scoring you can automate or semi automate the process of finding qualified customers. Because by their actions (which you are tracking, many of the customers who are not a right fit at this time, weed themselves out)

Watch the video below for more details and examples.



We need to be tracking and making note of customer behaviour so that we can show them the right products and services at the right time. Sometimes they just need a little extra nudge to make the purchase. 

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