Here’s How to Plan Your Social Media Content for the next 30 days!

Content is King.

And it’s the God’s honest truth.

HOWEVER, you don’t need to be churning out content multiple times a day on multiple platforms, but what do you need to do is to be consistent about it.

And you might be thinking, “well, yeah Renée, I already know that, I just have NO IDEA what I should be talking about!

Not to worry, I’ve got you covered 😊

I’ve outlined a process that you can use to help you generate content ideas in less than an hour.

ANNNNDD  I’ve also provided you with 30 days of content prompts to help keep you consistent.

You’re welcome 😉

The two most important things that you need to do to be consistent with your content are:

  1. Batch your content. This helps you to schedule out all your content for a specific period. Trying to create content on the fly or only when inspiration hits, keeps you from being consistent. It’s best If you hold yourself accountable to creating a minimum amount of content each week and anything you post of over that is icing on the cake.
  • Just do it. (I know that’s kind of hard to hear, but it’s an important part of maintaining your visibility, so you really need to get it done).

Alright, now, let’s get into how this process works. You’re going to need a pen and a paper or a blank doc if you’re doing this electronically)

Step 1

First, I want you to think about the different kinds of topics that you would like to talk about.

Group them into categories. These are called content buckets.

The content buckets can be based on a number of things. Here are some examples:

  • Motivational/Inspirational
  • Testimonial
  • Tutorial/demo
  • Answering a Question
  • Asking a Question
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Live Video
  • Free resources that you’ve created
  • Tips/Advice- especially if it’s related to your area of expertise.
  • Upcoming event or promotion
  • Something from your daily life
  • Content you’re sharing from another person/source (also known as user generated content or UGC)

Under each bucket, write down six pieces of content that you’re going to share.

Of course, I’m going to give you an example, if one of your categories is motivation. Then you’ll make a list of six things you want to talk about that are motivational in nature such as:

  • Not giving up
  • Fear of failure
  • Being proud of your progress
  • Sharing a win
  • Sharing a motivational quote,
  • Sharing encouragement for those going through a tough situation that you’ve also been through

Another example: if you have an upcoming event or promotion, think of six related pieces of content that you can share leading up to that event.

Pick 4 more buckets from your list of content buckets. Repeat the process I outlined above.

NOW, Let’s do the math.

Five content buckets @ six pieces of content under each bucket = 30 days, a whole month’s worth of content and it took you all of what, half an hour? Yay!  👏  👏 

But we’re not done yet…

There are two more steps to this process and all you have to do is sign up below for my FREE Guide 3 Steps to 30 Days of Content! There’s also some super cool bonuses inside there where you get 30 days of content prompts to help keep you consistent and you get access to my very own Airtable template that you can make your own.

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