Let me tell you about the Connection between the Value Ladder and the Customer Journey

Last week we talked about strategy. 
I explained what strategy was and the four questions you need to think about when coming up with your funnel strategy. I also explained the different stages of the customer journey and how you develop the strategy at each of those stages.
If you haven’t watched that video yet, then click right here to check it out.
Ok, so on to today’s topic: the value ladder and the customer journey.
What’s the value ladder?
Well, its the series of offers you present to your customer or prospective customer. They range from free all the way up to your premium offers. 
They can be things like a free download, to a low cost membership all the way up to a high ticket mastermind
So they range from no interaction (you’re just sharing your knowledge) to low interaction (monthly membership or course) to very high touch services such as 1:1 program or a mastermind.
In order to present these offers, you need to map out or create a customer journey.
It’s the series of steps you want your customer/ prospective to take in order to benefit from the products and services you offer by making a purchase. 
You’re going to use the different products and services you offer in your value ladder to create a customer journey.
There are some things to keep in mind when mapping out the customer journey:
  • List the exact set of steps you want them to take.
  • Have only one call to action at a time. If you ask for too many things, this may cause confusion and they may end up doing none of them.
  • Have a call to action for fast action takers
  • and something for slow action takers who need more time to be nurtured
  • You also have to consider what would happen if your customer took no action.
You want to find ways to keep them engaged
You can do things like offering a discount, have a downsell, offer another freebie, offer a time sensitive bonus.
So just to recap:
The value ladder is: It’s the different levels or tiers of service that you offer.  It ranges from free to premium
The customer journey is: the series of steps that you want them to take to interact with your brand, become a follower and fan and eventually a buyer.
Hope this has been helpful and as always look out for a new post every Tuesday.
Watch the video below where I explain the whole process in greater detail.
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