Let’s Talk Funnel Strategy

Last week we talked about systems that you need to have in place to support your funnels.if you haven’t watched that video yet, then click right here to check it out.

On to today’s topic: strategy.

What exactly is strategy?

It’s the outline of the actions you’re going to take to achieve a particular goal.
When thinking about strategy, this should answer four questions:
1. What is the end result you want?

WHO- are you going to target?

HOW- are you going to target them?

WHAT ACTION- or series of actions do you want them to take for them to ultimately get the result you want?

There are three phases/stages that the customer goes through that you need to think about when developing a strategy and creating the appropriate content and funnel for each stage.
The strategy is going to be slightly different for each stage but still answers the same basic questions of WHO, HOW and WHAT ACTION.

Here are the stages below:

  • Awareness
  • Building a relationship/authority
  • Action and Expansion

How are you going to generate awareness?
How are you going to build relationships develop trust with the customer and establish yourself as an authority?
How are you going get the client to take action and become a buyer and a repeat buyer at that?

The video below is an overview of how the strategy works with the content and funnels you create.

So, just to recap:

Strategy is an outline of the actions you’re going to take to achieve a particular goal. It explains who your targeting, how you’re going to target them and what action you want them to take to get the result you want.
The three stages as the person moves from possible buyer to loyal fan to customer:

  • Awareness
  • Relationship building and Authority,
  • Action and Expansion 

Her\s a brief outline of what happens at each of the three stages:

  • Introduction and getting to know each other
  • Cultivating that relationship, getting a deeper understanding of each other and branding yourself as an authority offering your products and services and inviting them to take action.
  • If they’ve purchased, now you’re inviting them to work even further with you.

Next week I’ll I’ll give some examples of strategies you can use and what kinds of offers you make at each stage using the value ladder.

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