A Short and Sweet Entrepreneur Gift Guide

You usually hear (well read) all about building a successful business in my blog posts, but I decided to take a break from that this week and share some gift ideas that I think are ideal for your entrepreneur friends (or yourself!)

I’m well aware that there are already so many different gift guides out there for moms, dads, kids, under 20 gifts, under 50 gifts, gifts for the techie-person…you get the point. Still, I figured, hey, why not add one more gift guide to the pile 🙂

This gift guide focuses on gifts that help you (or your entrepreneur friend) both personally and professionally. You get a two for one deal, isn’t that great?!

There’s just a week left until Christmas, so if you’re still searching for last minute gifts, you’re welcome 😉

For the Business owner who wants to plan, but still likes using pen and paper

We have all these tools and technology at our disposal that can help us to plan and organise our life and business, but for some of us, nothing beats pen and paper. I myself like to get my ideas down on paper to make sense of them before I organise them in electronic format. I’ll be sharing another blog post on using both old school and new technology to plan for the year ahead, so stay tuned for that 😉

You can check out the Social Media Planner by Judette Coward of Forward Forty or  Susan Hyatt’s 2019 Planner

For the business owner who likes to read  

This book will make you reevaluate your organisation’s philosophy and how you think about marketing within your business in the new year. If you want a book that is an eye opener, then This is Marketing by Seth Godin is the book for you. It’s an amazon bestseller (of course, because I mean come on, it’s Seth Godin). It’s not a book of fluff (there’s no trendy marketing terminology. In fact, Seth actually makes fun of it in the book. Everything Seth communicates is done so after careful evaluation and thought. It’s a fantastic read and full of great, applicable advice.

For the business owner who needs a lil’ break

Some of you are so busy you don’t even have the ability to take the time to go to the spa, so why not treat yourself (or a friend) at home with the Immortelle Beauty foot rehab system. It’s  a three step system that’s guaranteed to help you relax and rejuvenate. The smell is fresh and clean and leaves your feet feeling unbelievably refreshed for days (yes, DAyS)after. You can check out the line and purchase here.

This texture shot is #divine

For the business owner who wants increased energy and better focus

Perhaps you want to give up or reduce your coffee intake for the new year? Well Tea of Titans (don’t you just LOVE the name!) is a great alternative. It’s a loose leaf,  energy boosting tea blend that comes in three flavours. It uses a slow release formulation to help you maintain your alertness and focus without the usual crash that comes with drinking coffee. Check out the different flavours here. If you try it, be sure to send me a review 🙂

Of course you need something to drink the tea in. I came across this CEO mug which is thought was absolutely genius. You can find a similar one here.

And that’s my short and sweet entrepreneur gift guide.

I hope these gifts make you or an entrepreneur you love very happy.

Have a great holiday season!

Until next time,


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