Startup & Beyond with Renee-Nichole: Episode 1

Hey there!

Welcome to my brand new podcast Startup and Beyond!

This will be a series of short 15 minute episodes, sharing actionable, useful advice, support, tools and inspiration for entrepreneurs.

We know there’s a ton of information out there. But just because the information is available doesn’t mean that you always know what to do with it. Very often business owners struggle with deciding what is right for their business. Well you’re not alone in the struggle.

Click below to listen to the very first episode and find out !

-What I noticed about entrepreneurs

-Why I created this podcast

-What kind of information I’m sharing

So come along for the ride and let’s enjoy this entrepreneurship journey together.

Comment below to let me know if you liked it and what topics you’d like addressed in future podcast episodes.

Feel free to ask any questions as well.

Music Credit:

Intro : Kickblue22

Outro: Megaperiferia by Bloque del Sur

Until next time,


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