The Foundation of Everything: The 3 Things You Need to Create a Great Funnel

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Before you get started mapping out your first (or next funnel) make sure you have these three things in place…and it’s not what you think…I’m actually not going to mention anything about marketing software or systems here.
What you need to have in place is much, much more basic.
In case you don’t know me, I’m Renee, I’m a digital marketing strategist and implementer- focussing on marketing systems, content and funnels.
I work with businesses and brands to help them use their content to create funnels that build genuine relationships, sets you up as an authority and that lead to sales. I believe in marketing with integrity, so you won’t find any sleazy sales tactics here.
I’m here to help take the frustration out of digital marketing by breaking down exactly how you can create a customer journey with simple easy to follow steps.
So let’s get started:

What is a funnel? 

It’s a series of steps tat a prospect takes before making a purchase. Starts off with a lot of people and as you progress through each step the pool becomes smaller

How does it benefit your business?

  • helps you qualify leads
  • helps automate lead generation and purchases for your business
  • can help scale your business
  • frees up your time
There are many different types of funnels such as :
  • Lead magnet- provide email address in exchange for something free: document, book,  video
  • Webinar- log into to watch a class
  • Challenge- receive a series of action prompts over a number of days
Three things you need to understand, before you’re able to determine what works best for you, or even how to set up your funnel is outlined below:

My 3 part framework-

I developed a framework that helps you to grow your business strategically by leveraging your content and funnels.

Part 1- The foundation

Based on having a solid brand identity- a.k.a THE WHO (no, not the band)
  • Understanding who you are- Brand legacy
  • Who your ideal client is/niche- Brand positioning
  • Voice and visuals- Branding- Visual and emotional identity
  1. Some things that better help you to understand who you are:
  • It’s the collection of things that makes you, you
  • What drives you?
  • Why are you in business?
  • What is your underlying philosophy, mission and vision? Can you explain each of those in a sentence or two?
  • What is your superpower? What do your customer and clients constantly compliment you on or rave about?
  • What is your business model?
  1. Brand positioning
  • Who is your ideal client? What niche are you focussing on?
  • Who is the person that is the best fit for your products and services?
  • Do you have a profile of your idea client? Or a client avatar?
  • Comprising: demographics: age, gender, marital status, income levels, maybe ethnicity, stage in life- eg children, teens, millennials,  retirees
  • Also comprises behaviours an attitudes, they may have a particular personality type, habits, likes and dislikes, where do they hang out online or offline.
  • Are you focussing on a particular industry or segment of an industry?
  1. Visual and Emotional Identity- Voice and Visuals

This is something that people overlook. Branding is not just the logo and the colours, but more importantly about your brand voice.

  • It’s the way you talk to your audience. How do you want them to hear you in their head?
  • Are you funny, sassy, sweet, gentle, corporate, witty, factual etc.?

Take time to really think about your brand voice and hone that. Because the brand voice will use a particular tone as well as language and visuals to complement it. How do you want your customer to feel after interacting with you/your brand?


Notice how I didn’t mention anything about platforms or strategy or tactics? That’s because you absolutely need to have these foundational elements in place BEFORE you even think about setting up any funnels. This will help you in the long term to create funnels using language and visuals that reflect who you are and appeal to your ideal customer.

Watch the full video below where I give a much more detailed explanation.
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